A Relationship Balancing Act

When two people begin dating, they are often looking for the same thing. They both want to be with someone who has many of the same hopes and dreams, but they are also seeking a partner to support them during good and bad times. It might seem that nearly every dating relationship where people have the same plans for the future should work out well, but it can become a relationship balancing act for many reasons. Some relationships fail quickly, but others linger for years because it takes that long before it gets out of balance enough for one partner to realize they are not getting what they want out of it.

Not completely honest

People have their own reasons for the need to be in a committed relationship, and some of them are not completely honest about what they want so they can get one. They see it as a means to an end, and many of them believe their partner will eventually compromise their own hopes and future to remain in the relationship. Many couples have ended up with one person walking away when they found out their partner was not telling the truth about what they wanted, so being honest about future plans could be the best way to keep a partner in a balanced relationship.

Sudden changes

Life is full of turmoil for many partners in a balanced and stable long term relationship, but sudden changes can occur in the lives of almost anyone. A couple might find their financial stability is gone when both of them lose their jobs, or a critical medical issue could interfere with their relationship. Many couples have found these life obstacles have drawn them closer to each other, but the balance can be tipped too far at times. When this occurs, one partner generally ends up leaving the relationship because they are unable to handle the new challenges it presents.

No balance left

There are times when dramatic changes for one partner will make it seem to be best to completely sever a relationship with a long term companion, and it often happens when the person willing to leave has found there is no balance left between them. This person might have fallen for someone who seemed perfect, and they were in love with them before they realised their partner was unable to give them what they wanted.  It might not be the balanced relationship they were seeking, but it is a good compromise while they are searching for someone permanent.

There are a great many reasons relationships are subject to failure, but most of them come down to the fact that one person has tipped the balance of the relationship in their own favour. They see it as a means of controlling their partner, but the lack of balance can cause their partner to walk away. For those who want a good relationship, finding someone might take a great deal of time. Waiting for the right person in a balanced relationship is a good way to have a great future.