Avoiding Family Disapproval

Loved ones often have a large influence on people, and a child will generally try not to upset their parents. When it comes to falling in love, the urge to wander into dangerous territory is no longer an inhibition. A young person will often find it exciting to date someone they know will upset their parents, but it can be forgiven easily enough if it is only a few dates. If they fall in love with that person, then the consequences can be enormous. Avoiding family disapproval in this case might be something that could affect them for their entire life, so discretion is important for them and their partner.

Romantic dinners

Lighting the candles to have a meal together has often been a way to spur on the romance between two people, but it can also be a way to hide from being recognized. Dating someone the family will consider beneath their social status requires couples to find ways to be together in public without really being seen. Choosing a small restaurant where no one else they know will eat is one of the ways to go out without being discovered, but it can be a difficult way to maintain a relationship in secret.

Long weekends away

Couples who are in a relationship against the wishes of their families often find they have little time to be alone together, so they might plan to skip town for a few days. It could be very romantic at first, but the need to plan in secret could eventually wear them down. It might become impossible for them to have any time alone unless they are hiding out in a hotel or inn far from home, but the excitement of knowing they have accomplished their goal of being with each other could also sustain them until their next meeting.

A secret smile

For those who are dating someone they know they should avoid, a secret smile might often touch their lips when they think about their next meeting. Younger people see it as a romantic adventure, and that mood can even affect those who are older. Their time together as a couple is short because each meeting must be planned with great care to avoid discovery, so it enhances their memories of time shared all out of proportion to the real event. It can be a wonderful way to life for a few months, but it might not hold up so well over a lifetime where they are unable to attend social functions together or be with their friends.

The world has become a place where social mobility between class structures can be forgiven in some societies, but it is not always the case in others. Parents and family members hold a large influence over their members, and dating an unacceptable person can cause the family to reject the person who does it. Meeting a secret love can have its own attractions that will keep the relationship going, but it can wear down the couple over time if they do not find a way to turn their relationship from discreet into acceptable.